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Experimenting with Arc Video Notes

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ARC Video is a new platform currently in closed beta being tested by 10 institutions providing commenting on videos represented by various blue dots on the timeline.


Videos are added via the Rich Content Editor within Canvas.  It is represented by a green icon.  This will allow you to embed video. 


You have the option of uploading your own media or selecting one that's already in the Arc library.


Once the video is embed, students are able to view the video and add in comments. 


Other viewers viewing will see the comments popup on the lower right corner of the video. 


A list of comments is also available by selecting the "Comments" tab below the video.  This lists all the comments in the video along with a timecode.  You are able to click on the timecode which will bring your video to that time. Multiple comments at the same timecode will stack on each other.

One of the other tabs is named "Highlights."  This allows you to view analytics on the video.  This is only viewable in discussions, not with assignments.

If your video content is being provided by a different service, will help you migrate with their migration team.


Arc video platform seems pretty promising since it's developed by Instructure.  As they are still in beta there are still features still being planned.  Some questions to think about:

  • Will the popups conflict with closed captioning?
  • How will popups be handled if there are hundreds of comments at the same timecode?
  • Will students have the ability to delete their own video in the future?
  • How is privacy of videos handled if submitted in a class page?
  • How will the platform work on the Canvas mobile app?


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Community Participant

Very happy with ARC so far.  Can't wait for new features as they are added.

Community Champion

Thanks for the re-cap, victor​. I think the questions for considerations seem fairly valid, too! Just like anything else, it'll be great to watch the innovative ways this tool will be adopted by our Canvas users! Smiley Happy