Game Night 2016: Building Community Over Cardboard

Community Novice
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Game Night 2016 was held in Mountain House on Tuesday night from 8-11, and was ABSOLUTELY awesome!! 


There were tons (and I mean tons) of games set up with folks all around them.  As new people came in, new games were started.  There was a bar, cookies, and chips, too, so it really felt like a game night with your best pals.  I had never played the game "King of Tokyo" but after a brief tutorial, our table was on fire.  Our first round showed that pacific of laziness (not sure) wins the game and in the second round, we learned that greed will bit you in the buttocks.  I looked around the room several times and was in awe of the community building that was taking place over games most of us never even heard of before #instcon.  Many kudos to the planning team, as it was one of the best conference "social" activities I have ever attended!


If you have a chance to participate in Game Night or Hack Night...please do!  Don't worry if you don't know anyone or anything.