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Has Anyone Tried Booking Colorado Mountain Express Shuttle?

Hi All,

I just went to book the CME shared shuttle through their site, and the time slots it gives me available are not very close to my arrival/departure times entered. My flight lands at noon, and the closest shuttle pickup time it gave me was 2 PM. My return flight departs at 3 PM, and the latest pickup time available at Keystone is 10:30 AM. I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issue? I was really hoping to get to the conference by starting time, but with 2 hour wait at the airport and drop off shuttle time scheduled at Keystone at 4:40 PM, I am going to barely make it by the time I check in. Do you happen to know if they might have more time slots available, or is this as good as it gets? Also, if I wait any longer, will I have even fewer choices left with more wait time at the airport? Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide!

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Wish I could help Deactivated user​ but I can't even get their web site to load here in Australia 😞

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I called The Inn at Keystone to see if there were any other times for the shuttle at the conference rate. She suggested calling the shuttle company to inquire about a better time. It is a two-hour drive from the airport to the location, but it is possible that CME would accommodate.  The person I spoke with at The Inn at Keystone also indicated that, through their services, it is possible to rent a Hertz car for about 1/2 of what you would pay going directly to the Hertz website.  However, her link was down and I was unable to get exact pricing on that.

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No issues here - I just booked myself and colleague on the shuttle without issue...and then got my wife her own reservation as well.

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Thank you for your responses! I am planning on calling them to see if they have other schedules available. I have already booked my round trip shuttle, but I'll see if they can change it to a more convenient time. As soon as all my work emails stop coming in (which is close to never), I will get that done! Smiley Happy

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I called CME, and they were able to change my reservation to a more convenient time with less wait. They also said that even with the existing reservation, if I were to arrive at the CME pickup counter at a different time and there was room on the shuttle, they would let me board. So if you are running into any issues booking Online, I would definitely advise calling them. They were very friendly and professional on the phone. Problem solved! Smiley Happy

Did you ever get that 1/2 price link for Hertz?

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Inflexible times... I found no times. I filled out the form and got the message "INSTRUCTURE - CC is not available for booking." I'll try calling during business hours and hopefully will find the friendly and professional people that Katerina found.


Maybe searching for that fingers-crossed emoji made a difference. This morning I tried the online reservation and it worked. I was able to get a pick up scheduled for an hour after my flight arrives on Monday afternoon and four hours before my flight departs on Friday morning. Actually I think the difference was I tried to put my room address into the detailed address field last night but today left that field blank. I'm looking forward to meeting some new friends on the shuttle ride. Smiley Happy

Gregory, did you call or do the registration online? I got the "INSTRUCTURE - CC"  message as well...just this morning.