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How Video Is Failing Our Digital Classrooms And How We Can Fix It

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  • Video is pervasive: For example, Canvas courses average 11.3 videos
  • We have 10 sec. to engage students w/video


According to Julian Ridden from Instructure,

"Effective learning is more than just consumption" so we should

"Take video and make it interactive experience"

This session was a demonstration of ARC, an LTI that allows students to comment throughout a video clip.

It also provides Insights for instructors that show how students are interacting with a video.


I searched the Canvas community and it looks like it is still in beta, but institutions might be able to request to be beta testers.

An audience member mentioned that the interactive features do not necessarily result in improved student learning, which is true. I liked Julian's response that a Canvas tool alone does not provide pedagogical value, that's up to the instructor or designer. That's also true!


Is this a free or paid LTI?
When will it be available?

Can institutions request to be beta testers?


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I wonder if this is a step towards replacing Zaption...?