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Community Team

InstructureCon 2016 - Camp Canvas: Safety & You

In 2016, InstructureCon moved to Keystone, CO and—for three amazing, learning- and fun-filled days—became Camp Canvas. And since no life-changing summer camp is complete without a safety orientation video, this is our official Camp Canvas safety video.

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Community Champion

Such a fun video!

Community Participant

Funny, but not helpful. If you are looking for helpful content, skip this one.

Hi Michelle!
This video was posted in the InstructureCon 2016 space as a safety brief.  Were you looking for something specific?

Yes, hoping to review helpful content from past conferences, from before I was part of the Canvas world, to get more useful tips, and because "binge-watching InstructureCon and CanvasLIVE Videos" was a suggestion posted under "missions," and because I'm trying to gain proficiency over the winter holiday... but there are only two "InstructureCon" videos, and neither are about anything helpful, though they do look extremely fun. Same issue with CanvasLIVE videos, there are not many, and some have a lot of dead air, making me wonder why "binge-watching" these was a suggestion: I'm assuming there is some other bank of InstructureCon and CanvasLIVE Videos that I just have not yet been able to find. If anyone knows where they are, it would be a fantastic time-saver to newbies if someone could link those in the mission where they are suggested.