Is there a way to contact pre-conference session instructors?

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I would like some additional information about one of the sessions.

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Hello awebster​ I am excited you are considering this session.  I know I am looking forward to it because it's a topic that people are very curious about and have been asking for.

This workshop will not be a passive "sit and learn" session.  It be very hands-on. Attendees should expect to come out of it not only knowing how LTI development works, but with several working LTI tools.  There will be programming involved and probably some command-line stuff.  Don't worry, I'll be walking everyone through each step, but you should have some experience with HTML and web development.

While I haven't selected the specific language and/or framework that will be used, I am considering Python or Ruby.  As we get closer to the conference I plan to release a checklist of things that should be installed or learned before arriving at the conference. I will make sure to include reference materials and online resources for doing a crash course in whatever language I choose.

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