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I was able to watch Mitch Macfarlane's Keynote from the comfort of my office and I have to admit it made taking notes, following the twitter stream, and doing a few other things much easier! Below are my notes from the session!


Mind the Gap - Mind the gap for the future!

Themes Mitch hears from most of the Institutions he visits:

  • All Institutions are unique in their needs
  • Institutions want a *partner,* not a vendor
  • Future proofing; want an LMS that grows with their Institution


TL;DR - Do more stuff better and faster.

Foundation Principles

  • Open
  • User Friendly
  • Accessible - One size fits one! Love this idea! Insightful words!!
  • Modern


  • Quizzes 2 - Adding new question types! Scalable! Better access to quiz data analytics!
  • Offline content - Make content accessible to people who don't always have online access.
  • Master Courses - Ability for Institutions to manage their content.
  • Outcomes - Outcomes everywhere; Make it easier to create and use outcomes, become more granular; Create better and more enhanced outcome data/results - for Institutions, faculty, and students.


Mitch is a personable guy and did a pretty good job explaining why Canvas is doing some of the things they are doing (minding the gap) and how these things fit into the overall theme of doing more stuff better!