Our Last Lesson

Coach Emeritus
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At our final KumbaiAwesome hoedown on Thursday night, while watching the Dirt Band play, I received my final reminder of why we were all there and what it was all about - teaching and learning. I was reminded that we all are teachers irregardless of whether or not we teach in a formal classroom, and that we all are learners both inside and outside the classroom. I was reminded yet again that InstCon is a celebration of teaching and learning, a message I have shared with my Granddaughter during her four previous visits to InstCons past.

While the Dirt Band was playing a Keystone employee started taking attendees out on the sawdust and turf dance floor in front of the band to show them how to Western Dance. At one point he had about ten or more folks out there learning to line dance; and after the band stopped playing he started offering more lessons down at the horse barn. I do not know his name, but I did shake his hand and thank him. He was a marvelous dancer, ramrod straight and smooth as silk. He was a darling gentleman to the ladies.

While he danced, both alone and with partners, his smile was wide and his joy was obvious. And while his partners danced with him their joy was obvious, although sometimes colored with a bit of hesitation and apprehension. I was reminded again that teaching should be fun, and should bring joy. I was reminded again that learning should be fun and should bring joy. And I was reminded again that both teaching and learning should be participatory, collaborative and active.

InstCon is not about technology! InstCon is about teaching and learning supported and sometimes enhanced by technology. As Angela Maiers so aptly pointed out in her excellent keynote address, education is about people, and so is InstCon.
Such a simple scene, and such a simple and powerful lesson!

Kelley (Agent K) Meeusen,
July 24, 2016