Support Field Day: Admin-Related Tickets

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Attendees were again treated to the knowledge of Canvas support gurus TJ Wilcox and Justin Reesor to learn about the admin tools available in support situations.


This session was rich with content available to Canvas Admins who deal with tickets in some form or fashion. These included restoring classes (either from the deleted or reset state), the usefulness of the Admin link on the Account page (did you know you can see the notifications sent to people who claim the didn't get them?!), the value of the reports in Canvas and the amazing Feature Options tab. What was great about this session is that every item that the guys pointed out generated questions from the attendees. I think that we could have easily talked for another hour from all of the great questions that were going around.


These pre-con sessions are one of my favorite things about attending InstructureCon and this session did not disappoint.  It seems like there is always something new that you can learn and I feel like this session really helped me as an admin to better understand the tools that are available to me.