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User Page View Data

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This session out of Miami University of Ohio took a look at user page view data across a series of courses.


The presenters detailed their process in collecting and attempting to analyze data pulled from user page view logs. The data was exported via a Python script into a .csv file. There's a lot of information and a lot of cleanup required to get the data to a usable place. Even then, it's really difficult to draw any meaningful conclusions. A huge red flag is the exclusion of mobile page views from the Canvas data. With all that in mind, it becomes difficult to make any changes to course design or delivery based on the data, because we're not sure exactly what the data is telling us.


The biggest takeaway is that we need reliable, verifiable, and meaningful data from Canvas. We're not there yet, but were on the right path and there a lot of people invested in finding this information.


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Community Champion

Thanks for the session summary, lydia​! Digging into User Page View Data for Evidence of Student Behavior and Presence

I think the take-away definitely resonates with all of us working with data to extract meaningful insights that will eventually lead to ways to improve our teaching methods! Smiley Happy