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4. Inspired by Earl

I'm working through my #InstCon experience more or less chronologically in these posts, and today I am still on Tuesday: after hanging out with Mathieu in the morning by the registration desk, I then ran into (whom I had met at Project Khaki, yay!), who then introduced me to 925024864, a name I knew from the Community here, but whom I had not met before... and who has a fascinating life story, as I learned over lunch. Earl recommended we go to Extreme Pizza and - yummmm! - I am glad we did. It's on the little lake. Yes, with the panda (as in banner image above).

Extreme Pizza

And that's something definitely different about interacting in person at Instructure and, even better, at leisure before all the frenzy of the scheduled sessions begin: you get a chance to hear about people's lives beyond work. Earl has had quite a life beyond work: he is a sailor! And when he retires (soon!) he has all kinds of sailing and travel adventures planned. When I think about retiring, I think about hunkering down and writing all the books I want to write, while Earl is planning to burst out into the world, visiting all kinds of places. Although he might write a book too... and he should! He has done all kinds of things and been to all kinds of places; you can even get a sense of that just form the blurb in his Community profile. And hey, he even has a hat as you can see:

Earl Sallade

Hats are Good. And Earl told me the story of that hat: it's from some kind of steampunk convention... but I can't remember the exact name. If Earl sees this post, he can remind me. Maybe it's the Seattle Steamposium...? Anyway: VERY COOL HAT.

So, keep an eye out for Earl here at the Community (he has literally decades of LMS experience to share!) ... and if you ever get a chance to hear his life story over lunch, DO IT! I am so glad InstCon gave us a chance to get to meet in person.

Did you get surprised by someone's life story at Instcon...?

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Thank you Laura, you are too kind, and once again I am humbled, as I have always had great respect for you through all of your contributions in the Community, as well as our decade plus of interactions on line. As you noted, one of my favorite take-a-ways from every InstCon are the many 'personal' connections made with both those we already 'know' from our  interactions, as well as those that we actually meet for the first time at InstCon. We all have histories and back stories and it is always interesting, edifying, at at times, even empowering to get a glimpse of what is behind all of the passion that we all have for what we do. Jared Stein always chokes me up with his Keynotes, because they always highlight the many ways that Instructure is using Canvas and all of its technological and engineering resources to serve humanity in ways that truly make a difference. They reach many of those that have been marginalized or left out altogether. I absolutely believe that Instructure is changing the way education is done, and empowering people in life changing ways for the betterment of society as a whole!

This year I was honored by having the great privilege of representing Instructure/Canvas as a Canvas Ambassador, aka 'Canvassador'. This provided the opportunity to educate and inspire 'newbies' about Canvas, and all that it has to offer with the many diverse ways that it can be used. And once I introduce people to the 'Canvas Community'... well, let's just say that it's fun watching peoples excitement grow, and then the wheels start turning when they see all of the value and possibilities! By the way, the quirky leather hat in my profile picture came from last years annual Port Townsend Steam Punk Festival.

Thanks again Laura, and keep doing the great work that you do. Hopefully, I'll see you at future events, as I hope to stay engaged and involved with Instructure long after I retire from Pierce College at the end of this month!


Aha, 925024864, right there in Port Townsend: how cool! I was thinking you had not gone so far afield as Seattle for your steam punk fashion statement, but I could not remember the details.

And SO TRUE about Jared's keynote: I was just telling my husband about that at lunch -- I found at YouTube what I am pretty sure is the video that they showed. Now let's just hope the initiative shown by those inmates and their teachers will inspire others.

I will try not to be too jealous of your post-retirement adventures, and we are so lucky to have both Canvas (Free for Teachers! whoo-hoo!) plus the whole Internet as our playground, including after retirement. When you begin sailing and flying around the world, you'll have to get on Twitter or Instagram or something to share beautiful pictures from exotic ports of call! 🙂


Thanks Laura, for sharing the Larch Corrections Center video!

Community Coach
Community Coach

laurakgibbs can only imagine the fun you had getting to know the people behind all the fabulous blogs, discussions, questions, videos and comments in the Community. Meeting all that passion in one place - wow!


It was amazing ! I am so glad I made my list of topics to write about because it is already starting to recede into the past, but I'll keep writing about it for the next month... and then the videos will be available (they said it takes about a month!), so there will be lots of great sessions to watch. You will love the ladies from Broward County and their 3-ring circus of professional development! It was one of the best presentations I saw, and I am so grateful to you for prompting me to attend that one. 🙂

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