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API Calls Made Simple- Curtis Rose

With a simple-to-use Google Sheet, with only one plugin, anyone can make basic API calls without the need of assistance from a programmer or IT department. This easy-to-use form allows for customized reports that can be updated live as needed.

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Community Member

Is the link  still available. I get to the google sheet with the link but get viewer access only. I requested access. Is access to the google sheet on request basis only?Am I missing something ?


You have to save a copy of the spreadsheet. The code you need will be in the copy of the script editor.

Adventurer II

Wow! That looked nice! 

I saved the sheet and tried to populate the informations, but i'm receiving: 

"returned code 401. Truncated server response"  Not authenticated

=ImportJSON(" is a User access token or a account token, if it is a account, what is the URI that need to be set? ", "/sis_user_id", "noInherit, noHeaders")

Any help on how to make this work? 

Alexandre Schneider.

Can you try the request without the ...,"/sis_user_id", "noInherit, noHeaders"... part?

Adventurer III

I used the following value in the first cell and the sheet populated as expected:

=ImportJSON("", "/sis_user_id", "noInherit, noHeaders"

The access token is your account token, in this case you'd also need to make sure you're using a token valid in Beta. Anyone can obtain a token, but your ability to run an API call is based on your user permissions. Are you a Canvas Admin at your institution with the ability to look up users? If not, you wouldn't be able to run this API call. Try pasting into your browser after logging into Canvas, does that return JSON data?

Hi Brian, yeah i tried that and still not working!

Hi Audra, how are you? Still did not tried to do it, will return as soon as i try what you mentioned. Regards!


I'm a Canvas admin and I tried the following, but I'm getting an error (see image below).  Any suggestions?

=ImportJSON(, "/sis_login_id,/email,/name", "noInherit, noHeaders")

312028_Copy2 of InstructureCon API Calls Made Simple - Google Sheets 2019-05-07 15-27-49.jpg‌,

You need quotes between the URL request. E.g.:

=ImportJSON("","/sis_login_id,/email,/name", "noInherit, noHeaders")

If that doesn't work, try it without the additional arguments, then narrow it down: