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Day 02 - For Your Eyes Only: Assessing Live Scenarios On The Fly

[For Your Eyes Only: Assessing Live Scenarios On The Fly]

s0454213, Curriculum and Instructional Design Specialist, Lethbridge College, Lethbridge College


*Random info - Marilyn Manson was punched in the Denny's in Lethbridge.*

Used a Compentency Based Education Model for a cohort of trainees.


Senerio started simple and spiraled to more complex.

A dictionary of 10 competencies and made a curriculum map then made course w/ credits.

Entered competencies to Outcomes in Canvas


Placed them into the sub-account level for reporting and cross course tracking.

Had lots of conversation on scale, landed on a 10 point scale so there was a wide level of detail on their competency level.

Once Outcome were created, they were added to a course and built rubrics for the assessments. 


Each course was loaded as a single module is one Canvas course. All "courses" had core assessments as well as module specific assessments.

Scenario Phases:

Phase 1 - set up, graded & videoed

Phase 2 - independent scoring & discussion

Phase 3 - debriefed with student

3 randomly assigned assessor that mark the rubrics which are complied and the a debrief session with student.


Scanned in hand graded rubrics. (Couldn't get picture)


What worked:


What was a challenge:


What's Next:


*Please feel free to correct any mistakes in the comments below. No agent is perfect.

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