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InstructureCon Room Available

Is anyone looking for a room for InstructureCon 2017? Cost is approximately $600 for 4 nights (Monday-Thursday). 

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I am looking for a room.  What do you have and where?

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I haven't actually reserved a space yet, but it will be within walking distance of the main conference center (5-15 minutes, depending on what units are still available.)

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Hey Michael,

I'm looking at coming to the conference if I can find a place to stay. I can either share a separate bedroom you have or book one and sub a bedroom to you. Just let me know if you're interested.



Learner II

Hope everyone was able to get a room. Keystone is fully booked and I just got a call that my reservation was canceled due to overbooking. So i suggest everyone double check their reservations before you leave!

Thanks so much for posting this.  Our group going was all able to check and we are still good, but this is concerning that they would cancel a reservation 5 days out with limited other options available at this point.  I hope that you are able to find somewhere else that works for you to stay, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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Community Coach

I am staying in Dillon, which is only 8 - 10 minutes down the hill. Shuttles are available.

Agent K