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Instructurecon (Instructurecarn) 2018 "Kids Pass"

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There isn't a 2018 Instructurecon place for specifc discussion yet, but seeing that registation is now available I noticed that there was an option for a "Kid's Pass" for $150.

One thing that I really liked about Instructurecon is that it was family friendly, and that a lot of attendees would bring their kids to the conference and with them to activities.  If they now need to purchase a pass in order to do this I'm concerned that the number of attendees bringing their kids/families is going to drop.  I hope this doesn't turn into another conference where it's only the attendees and it's common to leave families at home, but it seems as though the changes the last few years are trending in that direction.

Hopefully it's just me worrying and this isn't the direction the conference is going, just wanted to voice my concern when first seeing this.

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Thank You. 

We should start a FREE/Cheap list of activities around Keystone. I spent a lot of the off session time hiking. It is absolutely beautiful. We spent time in Breckenridge at several of the tourist type of places. I will have to check into horseback riding for my kids. We stayed after everyone left and the first morning afterwards woke up to a moose and her calf outside our window.

I was shocked to find out the cost for the gondola as they were free in Utah. I understand stuff costs money but really $78. We weren't riding up for mountain biking.

We hung out in River Run but didn't try the pizza. 

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Community Coach

Last year my kids took advantage of the free actives around the lake - they rode bikes, took a paddle boat ride, played in the sand by the lake, had fun on the wake boards, and also used the pool that we could use as part of our Condo rental. We did horseback riding in Breckenridge the day before the conference and it was a great time. I also remember seeing that they have a children's museum.

This year I've only got one over the age of 4 and I'll buy her the kids pass. That being said, I guarantee she won't eat 90% of the food, so I'm going into this knowing I'm basically buying a pass so my kids can be with me and hubby (who are both attending as paying conference attendees) during the evening activities. Luckily I've got 3 more years before I'll have to pay for the youngest (thank you August birthday!) and hopefully by then there will be a happier compromise for people who want to bring their kids to evening activities, but not pay for food. 

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Here is a link to Kidtopia offered by the Keystone Resort.  They offer weekly activities for kids and take advantage of many of the areas around Keystone.  This schedule is still set at the winter schedule but will soon change to list summer events.