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Unconference Reflection

Unconference began with a series of delightful, 5-minute presentations by a variety of people about their conference experience. While this was going on, the organizers got the topics organized.


I attended the Canvas Data session, the Google + Canvas session, and the API Customization session. All three were interesting, although the Google session was more focused on immediate instructor concerns and how-to's.



Canvas Data was a good session and I suspect a number of us didn't really want the session to end.



Some were simply curious, but a number are already deep in the weeds. I was quite surprised that a number of people use Canvas Data for application development purposes rather than pure reporting. These people also tend to use Live Events in order to have the most up to date data available.

I was also surprised that people don't always care for the dim and fact organization of the data (which I've alwasy understood to be more optimal for data warehouse functionality).



We're just getting going with Canvas Data and are still asking what we need to use it for, but we got some useful information out of this and other related sessions. 


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