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When will we hear more about InstructureCon 2019???????

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SO EXCITED for InstructureCon Long Beach, CA. I want to get my hotel room reserved, and take a cruise after the conference....and plan other fun stuff. (I'm a planning nerd). Any idea when we will learn more about next year's event????

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InstructureCon 2019

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Highlighted, greetings! I'm helping to run the Unconference and as Matt indicated above, it technically runs from 8:30am - 1:30pm. Yet, the last chunk of time is mostly eating lunch and socializing/finishing up good conversations. I've got a tentative schedule - which is pretty awesome - but I need to confirm a few things before I make it official! Stay-tuned! 🙂


Highlighted‌, thanks! Good to know. Gotta buy my return ticket--with a coast-to-coast flight, looks like I won't be able to stay for the whole thing, but hope to be there for most. Thanks for all you do to organize the UnConference!


The Unconference is always one of my favorite parts of InstCon, so I'm happy to do it!! 🙂

Glad you can make it to at least some of the sessions!


I'm in the same boat.  It's crazy how we loose what seems like most of the day to that silly flight home, doesn't it?!  But I, too, am trying to work it out so I'm there for at least the first half of the Unconference.  It's the best way to wrap up the week and get the best information!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Yay!! You know I’d love having you attend!!


Any listings yet for new or changed sessions? Can't really cruise the whole agenda to see what might be new.


Highlighted‌, are you following The Learnin' Safari eduSurf Guide where‌ is maintaining updates on his PDF? I'm not aware of any other place where changes are being tracked. The event app might also help you manage your schedule, and the download links are on the InstructureCon 2019‌ home page.


Totally not representing Instructure in any way when saying this (speaking for myself here) but I could totally see the good ship Instructurecon as a possible way to keep that off away from everything else feeling that we have tried so hard to maintain as the conference has grown over the past nine years.  Food for thought, indeed.


It looks like attendance at Unconference this year will be at least double what it has been previously.  Its going to be crazy!


My boss just OKd me to go again next year.  Let's get this plan in motion!