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We migrated to the OneRoster tool for enrollments and grade pass back but have run into an issue where we can't link up our Powerschool grade categories with Canvas. In a Canvas course, I've created categories to sync. According to the documentation, I should be able to pull over my Powerschool grading categories have choose from the list which ones I'd like assignments to sync between.

What we're finding is that grade categories aren't showing from Powerschool - not even the district default categories. Has anyone been able to get the new passback flow working? 

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Ours seems to be working correctly now.  As far as I can tell, we had three separate issues that affected different courses:

  1. Canvas pulled data through the old SIF connection after we rolled over the school year, but before they had finalized the OneRoster plugin.  When they started pulling data through OneRoster, the sections and enrollments created via the old SIF connection were still there, meaning we had duplicate sections and some outdated enrollment data for kids whose schedules changed after they switched to OneRoster.  I solved this by running a sections export, filtering to only SIF-created sections for this year (they had a much shorter section_id than the OneRoster-created sections), changing their status from "active" to "deleted", then importing to delete those sections.  Canvas Support approved this solution after initially suggesting something that would have cleared out all of our manually-created classes.
  2. Presumably trying to fix the broken grade passback, we had some teachers turn off the "automatically sync grades" option, so even after fixing #1, their courses weren't syncing grades.  Turning that back on and manually syncing existing grades did the trick.
  3. Some teachers were initially able to sync assignment names, but not grades, then (seeing that grades weren't syncing), deleted the assignment in PowerSchool. This caused an error when that assignment tried to sync over.  This was fixed by resetting integration data for that course, clearing out assignments in PowerSchool that were also in Canvas, then syncing grades.


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We are brand new to PowerSchool passback this year also and had the same exact problem. Ultimately, we reported it to Support AND to our Priority Services team. It got escalated to the Canvas SIS team and, after a week or so, was resolved.  I would love to tell you exactly WHAT they did on the back end to fix it, but they did not share that with us.

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