Give rubrics (including Peer Review) the ability to save without submitting

Idea created by Justin Lopez on Oct 8, 2018
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    Currently, assignments with peer reviews or rubrics attached to them do not allow the user to save their scoring and/or comments before submitting. While the Rubric will state "Save Comment" on the bottom, the button’s name is misleading. Instead of saving, it will submit what has been entered into the rubric. After pressing "Save Comment", the user cannot make any alterations to the rubric as it is considered submitted. Many students have reported accidentally submitting an incomplete rubric when they were attempting to save.


    The rubric also does not save automatically and leaving the rubric window will clear out any scoring or comments entered. As of now, a user would have to complete the entire rubric scoring in one sitting, without leaving the rubric window. The inability to leave the rubric window prevents users from being able to cross-reference the assignment while going through the criteria.


    I suggest there be two buttons displayed at the bottom of the rubric: One being the actual save button, the other for submission.  


    Below is my screencast recording the issue and a discussion thread in Canvas community further describing the problem. When brought to Canvas Support’s attention, I was informed that the "Save Comment" button is not bugged and that submitting the rubric is its intended function.


    Recording of Issue:

    Canvas Discussion Thread:

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