Importing a Canvas Course - Set all to unpublished

Idea created by Adam Cooper on Aug 5, 2015
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    When I import content from another course, I would like all assignments and other content to be unpublished by default. Currently, when I copy course content, I need to click through all of the content to unpublish them if they were published in the old course.






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    April 2016 update from the Product Team

    Wow, Cosme is correct, this is an interesting and valuable idea.  Our product manager re-evaluated the scope and allocations for this project and it appears we will not be able to squeeze it in like we thought we could.  We will not be able to fit it in for another 6-18 months at the very least.  I will archive this idea, but please continue to comment and share your use cases for when/if this is picked up again.