[Course Import/Export] Set all to unpublished when Importing


When I import content from another course, I would like all assignments and other content to be unpublished by default. Currently, when I copy course content, I need to click through all of the content to unpublish them if they were published in the old course.



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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Hey Adam, thank you for taking the time to submit your feature idea! It will go up for voting in the next voting period, on September 2nd so be sure to return and vote it up!

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This would also be helpful for our instructors, as it would provide greater control over the contents that do not have availability dates, specifically, Announcements. It is a common feature request at our university.

Having the option, during the import process, to set the state of the content would be ideal. For example:

Publish content:

  • Leave as-is
  • Unpublish all
Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

This idea is now open for vote. Smiley Happy

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I agree with Paula, I want the OPTION...I don't want everything published or unpublished by default.

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Yes, having the option to choose which is excellent idea. I was really aggravated when I had to go through and manually unpublish everything.

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At first I think I would have disagreed with the need to have everything unpublished by default. I think that it if a course is set up properly with dates and the adjust dates option has been used, leaving things published shouldn't necessarily be a problem. However, I really like the idea of having the option to choose how you want your content to copy. This makes it a more powerful feature because no two instructors want things the same way it seems!

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The option should definitely be included as you cannot unpublish a quiz/assignment that already contains student submissions in the original course. If your course is published, copying in a published quiz/assignment immediately generates a notification to all students.

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This would be beneficial to our district as our teachers would like to unpublish everything at the beginning of the semester when importing content from a previous semester.

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

After a discussion with one of our engineers, this seems like something we might be able to squeeze in over the next six months. To make this available there would be a relatively small code change, but we would need to make that change to all the jobs that import different content types. I've added it to my short list of things to prioritize when we have a little room to work on other projects.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Deactivated user, is there any way to make this an OPTION and not the default? I can definitely see where this could be useful, but there are a number of faculty who don't want everything unpublished when they copy a course into a new course.