New UI – HELP BUTTON & MENU- Move it UP w other buttons & consistent fly-out

Idea created by Melody CSUCanvasAdmin-Brake on Apr 22, 2016
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    The HELP button in the left navigation menu is super important.

    1- MOVE IT UP, inline with the other buttons!! (so people can see it easily).

    2- Set the fly-out menu to open top & left, matching the Account and Courses menus.


    Users won’t know to use the Help button if they can’t see it.

    Consistency is a sign of quality.


    Now, Help TOO LOW:                                                Improvement: Move Help UP in-line; menu opens top left:

    Help-bottom.png  Help-Inline.png
    This idea was from our Canvas College Coordinator Team, who are speaking for their users.

    Melody Brake - Colorado State University


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