BlackBoard - Exclude LTI Grade Exchange per Assignment for Total Course Points

Configure LTI assignments to be excluded from total Course grade calculation.

Prerequisite: Create an LTI assignment

1. Logged in as faculty, go to a course.

2. Click on the “Grade Center : Full Grade Center” menu.

3. Find assignment and click on the chevron [A] next to the grading column and select edit column information [B].

4. In the "Edit Column view", scroll down to the "Options" section and click on the NO radio button for the "Include this column in Grade Center calculations" option.

5. Click on the Submit button.
6. Once the form is saved, the next step is to go to the "Manage [A] -> Column Organization [B]" menu option

7. Find the Assignment and click on the check box, then change the category to "No Category"

8. Click on the Submit button.

NOTE: This needs to be done for each assignment