Blackboard LMS Integrations - Embedding Entries

3-Step Guide to Embedding Portfolio Entries from Portfolium onto Blackboard

PDF: How to embed within Blackboard

This simple how-to guide will walk you through 3 very quick steps to embed your students' portfolio entries directly into Blackboard. There are quite a number of benefits of embedding work and projects from Portfolium into Blackboard including:

  • Allow your students to view sample work from your course module in Blackboard
  • Allow your students to engage with portfolio entries from within Blackboard
  • Keep the experience within Blackboard, rather than linking off to Portfolium
  • Maintain a gallery of exemplary work within the Blackboard class module
  • Play and view multimedia content from a portfolio entry within Blackboard

STEP 1: Create an Item within Blackboard

Inside of your Blackboard class module, create a new Item under Build Content.
On the Create Item page, click the "HTML" button.

**If you don't see the HTML button, click the "double-down arrow" button on the far right of the toolbar for the Text section:

STEP 2: Copy & Paste Code Snippet

Copy the HTML code below (including the "<" and ">" symbols):

<iframe width="350" height="750" async src="[INSERT URL HERE]?utm=bb"></iframe>

Paste this HTML code into the HTML code view window within Blackboard's Create Item module.

STEP 3: Copy & Paste Portfolio Entry URL

Copy the portfolio entry URL from portfolium and paste into the HTML window, replacing where it says "[INSERT URL HERE]" (including the brackets). Then click "Update", then click "Submit".

Now the portfolio entry from Portfolium is embedded onto the Blackboard class module:

Great job! You can add more entries by following this same process. Multiple entries can be added side-by-side with the same copy and paste steps from above, resulting in this:

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