Linking from Blackboard to a pre-established assignment

After your LMS administrator sets up the Portfolium LTI application, You will then have access to create new assignments. 

1. Logged in, go to a course.

2. Click on the “Content” menu.

3. Add a new Assignment by clicking on the “Assessments” menu and click on the Portfolium LTI link.

The “Create Portfolium LTI” form loads, fill out the following required settings

  • Name: Name of assignment. 
  • Enable Evaluation: YES -  
  • Points Possible:  numerical value this assignment would be scored against.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Click on the assignment.

Linking the LMS Assignment to EDU Platform

When you click on an LTI assignment in the LMS, the application, auto-logs in to the Portfolium  EDU Platform*. *If you are new to the EDU Platform, you will be taken through the on-boarding flow, to establish your account.. After your account is created, you will be taken to the  assignment setup page. 

Linking from Blackboard to a pre-established assignment | Portfolium Help Center

You will first be prompted to link to your course.
You'll see : 1. Link to a course (and a list of those courses you can link to)

Once linked to the course, you will see 2. Link assignment to your course (and a list of those assignments in that course you can link to)

Once linked, you'll be taken into the Edu Platform and you will click 'Publish Assignments'. Once the assignments are published, students will be able to view them.

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