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BlackBoard Learn (9.1 Q4 2017) LTI Integration for LMS Administrator

BlackBoard Learn (9.1 Q4 2017) LTI Integration for LMS Administrator

NOTE: If you have BB Learn version (9.1 Q4 2017) or higher, use this guide. For older versions of BB Learn Click here

Access the LTI application configuration 

The LMS Administrator will do a one time setup for Portfolium LTI application.

1. Logged in as the LMS Admin, click on the “System Admin” menu, from the top right navigation.

2. Find the “LTI Tool Providers” link and click on the link.

3. On the LTI Tool Providers section, click on the “Register Provider Domain” button.

  • Note: If you have had the Portfolium LTI app installed to your LMS before August 1st, 2017. Please Skip to the “Set Placement section”. 

4. The “Register Provider Domain” form loads. Fill in the following data:


  • Provider Domain:
  • Provider Domain Status: Approved


  • Default Configuration: Set globally
  • Tool Provider key: [Portfolium Account Manager will provide]
  • Tool Provider secret: [Portfolium Account Manager will provide]


  • Send User Data: Send user data over any connection
  • User Fields to Send:
  • [X] Role in Course
  • [X] Name
  • [X] Email Address

5. Click on the “Submit” button and the app is now installed. Next step is to set the Placement of the LTI App.

6. Set the placement for the Portfolium LTI app. 

  • In the “LTI Tool Providers” page find the Portfolium LTI app. 
  • Hover over the App and click on the drop-down arrow. 
  • Select the “Manage Placements” menu item. 

7. Click on the “Create Placement” button.

8. On the “Create Placement” section, Fill in the following data:

  • Label: Portfolium LTI
  • Handle: portolium_lti
  • Availability: Yes
  • Type:  Course content tool 
  • [X] Allows grading
  • Launch in new Window: [X]
  • Tool Provider URL:

9. Click on the “Submit” button. The placement is now complete.

If you have a suggestion to improve this guide, or if you want to recommend corrections, please share your feedback

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