What admin features would you like to see?

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I'm sure there are a ton of feature requests out there, but I was just curious what sort of options people were looking for in terms of enhancements to the admin interface. Speaking with my account manager I did mention that it seems like it's been a very long time since we've had any admin love in terms of updates and features. Obviously Canvas is super student centered which is why we chose to go with it in the first place but still it would be nice to get a couple of enhancements.

My top 3

1. Paganation on the Course lists - I'm pretty sure everyone has run into this where you are basically forced to search for a course since most schools have more than 267 or whatever the limit is. Users has pages why can't courses?

2. Show deleted courses option - If we need to restore a course we need the Canvas ID, which is a number only Canvas uses and we often don't track/have it. It would be awesome to see a list of deleted courses with a click to bring them back. It's a rare occurrance but we have had to restore courses and it is not the shortest task.

3. More variety for permissions - Often we have to go through permissions via trial and error to get a custom role the way we want. I think a balance could be struck between having too many and not enough.

Maybe we can get a list of feature requests going here so we can browse and vote up!

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