Able to edit imported New Quizzes in the course shells that have New Quizzes disabled

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I created a quiz using the New Quizzes tool and shared it via Canvas Commons and also via the Send to option. I then imported the quiz to a Course Shell that has New Quizzes Disabled. However, I was able to view/edit/preview the imported quiz (created using New Quizzes) in the course shell that has New Quizzes disabled.

I believe the New Quizzes tool is enabled at a course level, so when a New Quiz is imported into a course that has New Quizzes disabled, it should not let me View/Edit the quiz that is created using the New Quizzes tool. It should probably give me a warning message that this quiz can't be accessed because New Quizzes is disabled in your course.

For a moment, if I believe it is due to my Admin role, the same course does not let me create a New Quiz as New Quizzes is Disabled, but I can view/edit the imported New Quiz.

Steps to reproduce the use case:

  1. Create a Quiz using the New Quizzes tool.
  2. Share the New Quiz via the Send to option or Canvas Commons
  3. Import the New Quiz to a course site that has New Quizzes Disabled.
  4. View/Edit/Preview the New Quiz in the Build screen. (You can add new questions and perform all actions as you would when you create a quiz using the New Quizzes tool.)

What am I missing out here? Is this the expected behavior or a bug?

Happy to learn!


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I tested this on my end using a sandbox course and was able to reproduce this. I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but I didn't see any documentation stating one way or another. At this point, I suggest submitting a support ticket and we'll have it reviewed.

How do I contact Canvas Support? 

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