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Some time ago I wrote a program to compute an index for a course by walking the course pages and identifying key terms in the page, collecting all of the figure and table captions, all of the text that has been tagged as being in a language other than English, etc. and

see the heading "Making an index" at and details of using it can be found at 

The result is a wikipage with entries of the form:

<li>sockets API
<li><a href="../modules/items/316319">Socket API</a></li>

Note that the anchor HREF is to a relative location the "../" gets replace by the browser with the prefix for the page ( ) yielding the full URL 

I had to use these relative HREFs to reduce the index for the course down to 3 pages due to the limited size of wikipages. This works perfectly well for the student in the course.

If I run the link validator from the page that says:

Course Link Validator

The course link validator searches course content for invalid or unreachable links and images.
The link validator reports: Found 14,610 broken links
Nearly all of the claimed broken links do in fact work.

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