[Gradebook] Hotkey options for gradebook (late, missing, excused)

There are some assignments that I manually enter grades for if it is submitted on paper in class. It would be nice to have a hot key option when entering grades for late, missing and excused work. Currently, I have to stop entering scores, click to get the box open, click on the option, and click on the next box to move on. It would save time and make it more seamless to be able to type an "l" for late, "m" for missing and "e" for exempt.

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Would love the option to click M for missing instead of opening up another screen each time.

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Any Canvas comments on this?  Are we any closer?  The opening the side bar to click each student is a HUGE waste of time!  Where can I vote?  Much needed.

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Yes please! 

Missing is such an important gradebook feature to communicate with students and family. Adding hot keys will reduce the time teachers need to input. 

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As a district that moved from NEO to Canvas the biggest complaint I'm hearing is the lack of shortcuts for grades. NEO would allow X for excused, M for missing and AB for absent. Please incorporate a shortcut for M.

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Shortcuts would be SO helpful in speeding up the grading process.

Current process: <enter number grade> <enter>, next student- <enter number grade> <enter>ZERO EXTRA STEPS!
Missing assignment? <click arrow> <click missing> < click back to gradebook>....3 clicks!

It sounds like laziness, but it's about efficiency! With hotkeys/shortcuts, there would be no need to see the menu screen. Letters can be entered, they just have to have value.

I hope this is integrated soon....but seeing how this post is over 2 years old, it seems far fetched.

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With the Canvas Deploy Notes (2023-01-04), the Missing status has a shortcut in the Gradebook. While this addition does not completely fulfill the request included in this idea, it's exciting news we wanted to share with those who rated or commented on the thread.

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