[Modules] Add prerequisite to modules listed in reverse order


I've noticed my students scrolling down long pages of modules to get to the latest assignment, and I've had to do this myself. It gets old. So I wanted to order the modules in reverse order with the latest module at the top.

Unfortunately, re-ordering the modules with the latest on top means I can no longer add a prerequisite to the current module which points to the previous module listed below it. Prerequisites can only be added to a module if the prerequisite points to a module above it.

I'd like to be able to add a prerequisite to a module so that it's dependent upon completion of a module beneath it, so I'm not stuck ordering modules from oldest to latest, top to bottom.

I looked at creating a content page with links to the Modules in it rather than using the Modules link. Then I could create the prerequisites and hide the Modules navigation link. Is this what folks do as a workaround? I don't like the workaround very much because my students can't see the prerequisite relationship as easily as they can in Modules.

If I'm not the only one who'd like to see greater freedom in setting Module prerequisites, please take this idea into consideration for a future version. Thanks very much for considering this.

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Hi  @colleen_harmon ‌, and thank you for submitting this feature idea! I do not recall this idea being submitted before, which is actually quite rare!

Since I had never thought of this to try out, I tested in in one of my courses, and you are absolutely correct. Since Canvas provides the ability to reorder modules, the ability to require prerequisites should be bidirectional.

I also tested to see if a previously set prerequisite would be maintained after a module was moved to a location that preceeds the requisite module, but Canvas strips out that prereq.

Let's see where this one goes.


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Thanks, Kelley. So maybe this is more of a bug fix than a feature request!

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Thank you for this suggestion and for pointing out something I hadn't realized! I frequently encourage teachers to put new modules on top so students have to scroll and scroll and never considered how this would impact prerequisites. Assuming that can be fixed, I too would like instructors to be able to set a default for new modules to be placed on top!

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Since I post daily, I would love for the most recent date to be at the top! Kids have difficulty find what they are looking for because some of my modules are very large.

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What has ever happened with this idea? I used to do this with Blackboard and am shocked that it is not a feature, especially since it was proposed three years ago. I see it still isn't possible, anyone know if it is on the roadmap?

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I'd like to see this one implemented too. I really like the idea of students seeing their current module at the top of the screen, instead of having to scroll down past all the work they've already done.

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I'd like this. Is this idea in the works or should I post another with this request?

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I really want this.  I have students that are totally annoyed with having to scroll down, even with collapsing all of the modules.  This especially a problem for classes that last all year.  I think having a view setting that allows the modules to list in reverse date order is best.  


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As a Student User I do find this very annoying as well.  Hey, its not the end of the world to scroll down, however its just adds to a growing list of similar little annoyances in the UI/UX that really degrade the overall experience.

Like Videos not having an option to go to next video after completing.  So my process is

  1. Go to page
  2. start video
  3. Expand to full screen
  4. video finishes
  5. Turn off full screen
  6. Hit next button
  7. Start video
  8. Expand to full screen

Thats not a lean process

This is not an attempt to divert discussion away from the original request here, just adding context that UX is clunky and from a users point of view these are not big asks.

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It has been a year since the last comment. Any update?