Warn before leaving unsaved page

There is a lot of traction on this request to Auto Save in Rich Content Editor but an intermediate step between here and there might be a warning when you are leaving a page with any unsaved changes. Here is the issue as described by Christine :

...it would also be helpful if Canvas warned you before navigating away from unsaved content. Chrome, Safari and Firefox display a confirmation dialog when you try to leave a screen with unsaved content, but only when editing Pages. It's too easy to navigate away from unsaved content when editing the Syllabus Description, Assignments, Quizzes, etc...

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Yes, yes, yes! This would be wonderful to have!


This feature idea is now open for voting.

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I hope this warning would also display if student view interferes with saving or sending something. I lost a complex conversations message once when, in the midst of composing it, I checked student view in another tab, not realizing I'd be shifted to student view in all open tabs. Then, when I returned to the tab with my message and clicked "send," **poof**! It vaporized. A very frustrating experience that led to a different feature idea:

I like this idea even better than my other one, especially if this one would work in that situation, too.

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Auto-save or warning of the potential for data loss in not a feature, it should be part of the programs structure. When was the last time you heard or read that someone said "I am glad that I lost that paragraph" or "I am glad that there is no auto-save feature"?

How do I vote I did not see a vote button. Does a post equal a vote?

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found the vote button Smiley Happy

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This is absolutely necessary in discussions.

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It would be nice if this could be tied in to when you save a quiz question but forget to update the question... which is kind of odd since it's like a double saving that's required to make it work. (I think this might be a separate feature request now that I think about it!)

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There is a warning on the speedgrader, and I find it frustrating that it brings up not just a warning, but also the page which might have confidential student feedback or grades.  Since I use my computer to project an agenda and other information for students constantly, it becomes an issue.

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Why isn't there auto save everywhere.  It's quite inconsistent on Canvas.  Sometimes, you must save, but when doing other functions, there is an auto save.  As a result, I have to memorize when there's a save button and when there isn't and I usually forget at just the most critical moment...

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I have encountered this problem when drafting grade comments (as an instructor) or responding to grade comments as a student.  I have navigated away from the draft comment to look again at the assignment only to realize a second too late that I just lost my drafted comment.  I'm not sure that the RCE auto-save feature currently being explored will fix that particular problem, because I expect there may be some additional steps that would need to be made to allow draft grade comments to be saved without posting for the student/instructor, but at least a ​​warning would help prevent me from losing my work.