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As part of a Canvas adoption project, we are working with a client to propose new processes for authoring content. We are wondering about the legitimacy of suggesting that they author content using Canvas pages. It seems like faculty and curriculum developers will be questioning:

  1. Effectiveness - Are pages any more effective than files that I author using MS Word or some other tool and upload to Canvas?
  2. Efficiency - Is it going to take me more time to author content in Canvas pages than using the tool I'm currently using?
  3. Reliability - Is Canvas reliable enough for me to trust it to hold the master copy of my content?
  4. Editing Support - Does Canvas pages have the needed functionality to support collaborative editing such as version control, notes, and multi-user editing?
  5. Learning - Is the time / effort to learn to use Canvas pages too big a hurdle for me to change what I'm doing?
  6. Printing - If I need / want students to be able to print course content, will printing content from Canvas be as good as printing my uploaded files or at least adequate?
Part of why I'm asking is because our experience is that many instructors use Canvas files instead of pages to deliver course content. My questions are:
  • What is your experience with how faculty think about Canvas pages / on average, how do you think they would answer these questions?
  • What are your answers to these questions?
  • Have you seen these issues discussed / researched / presented about somewhere?
  • Are there other issues that should be considered when deciding whether or not to use Canvas pages?
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I second every comment made by Anthony.  And I have just two small additional points.

  1. Pages = ​student efficiency. The use of Pages (over Files) keeps students on track within Canvas. Files require downloads and new tabs or windows. That equals extra clicks, distractions and potential diversions.
  2. Pages can be beautiful and interesting! Change fonts, colors, and sizes. Create links to other materials (yes, files too!) Add graphic images, embed videos. If you want to engage your students, Pages can make it happen. :smileycool:

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