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How do I link additional students to my account in the Canvas Parent app on my Android device?

How do I link additional students to my account in the Canvas Parent app on my Android device?

You can link your Canvas account to additional student accounts from the Canvas Parent app. Students can be linked to your account from your Parent app user menu or from the Parent app dashboard.

To link your account, you will need a student pairing code provided by your student, their instructor, or an admin from your student's institution.

Learn more about pairing codes.

Link from User Menu

Link from User Menu

To link a student account from your User Menu, tap the Menu icon.

Open Manage Students

Open Manage Students

Tap the Manage Students link.

Add Student

Add Student

The Manage Students page displays a list of students currently linked to your account [1].

To link a student to your account, tap the Add Student link [2].

Enter Pairing Code

Enter Pairing Code

Enter the student pairing code into the Pairing Code field [1]. Then tap the OK button [2].

View Managed Students

View Managed Studetns

View the added student in your list of managed students [1] and in the Students list [2].

To view course details for a student, tap the student name.


I have followed the above instruction and it still won't add my other child to my Parent mobile app. On the desktop both of  my children are listed as observing. Not sure what the problem is.

I'm having a similar issue to Melissa431.  My two (2) children go to the same institution.  I was able to add both of my children to my wife's profile and they are visible both via the desktop and on her iPhone.  When I added both of my children to my profile, they are both visible on the desktop, but only my son (first child I added) is visible from my Note 8 (Android).  I submitted Case 06434509 regarding this on 31 August 2020.  

Hi @Tevans0609

Thanks for sharing your experience! 

@Melissa431 Would you be willing to reach out to Canvas Support to let them know that you're experiencing the same issue? This sounds like something they can diagnose and ensure gets addressed. 



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