How do I view details for an assignment in the Canvas Parent app on my Android Device?

You can view details for your students' assignments from the Grades page or by viewing an individual assignment.

This lesson displays how to view assignment details from the Courses page. You can also open an assignment from the Calendar.

Note: You cannot view your student's quizzes in the Canvas Parent app.

Open Course

Open Course

The Parent app opens to the Courses page [1], where you can view all the current courses your student is enrolled in. To change the student you are viewing, tap the Students List icon [2].

To view a course, tap the name of the course [3].

View Assignments Page Details

View Assignments

The course page displays all assignments in your student's course. Each assignment displays the assignment title [1], due date and time [2], grade [3], and points possible [4].

Each assignment also displays a status [5]. Status options include Submitted, Not Submitted, Missing, or Late.

To view details for an individual assignment, tap the name of the assignment [6].

View Assignment

View Assignment

Each assignment displays the assignment status [1], due date [2], and any assignment details added by the instructor [3].

To create a reminder for the assignment, tap the Set Reminder button [4].

Note: The Due Date field will not display for assignments without a due date.

View Assignment with Late Penalty

View Assignment with Late Penalty

When a late deduction is applied for late submissions, you can view the deduction in Assignment Details.