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Hi everyone,

I work for a school that teaches several languages, including some that do not use the Latin alphabet, like Chinese, Arabic, Greek and Russian. I've just received a mail from a colleague that his class diary is not accessible to students, even though all settings (published, visibility, and so on) are as they should be.

We've been looking into the matter, and it seems the problem is the title of the page: all pages in his course are visible to students (e.g. Homepage, Contact, FAQ...), except for the ones that have an Arabic title (so far only the diary).

I've tried adding pages to modules, creating other pages with Arabic titles, etc, and the result remains the same: although the pages are visible to the teacher, they disappear as soon as we move to student view. Clicking the links to these pages results in a "this page was not made available to students" pop-up.

I've told my colleague to use English for the titles of the pages until we find another solution.

Is there anything we can do to work around this issue, so that we can use the target language in the names of the pages instead of translating everything?

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We've finally managed to find the answer! And it was actually an extremely mundane one... 😑

The pages in question had all been accidentally set to "allow in mastery paths", which of course means they do not show up until they are linked to some form of mastery, which is not something used in that course. The fact that it had happened to only the Arabic pages (including the new ones we created) turned out to be nothing but pure coincidence.

I can't believe none of us noticed those little blue tick marks until now!


Thank you, @Chris_Hofer and @greydon , for your help!

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