Assignment that is due in May is marked as zero, students grades are negatively impacted.

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I am having challenges with my gradebook for a course.  I have an assignment that is not due for another 5 weeks, but it is showing up in the gradebook as a zero points score, which is taking most of my student's grades to a C or lower.  I have tried removing the assignment and reloading it, checking the due dates, etc.   Normally when an assignment is not due yet in Canvas there is a - (dash) instead of a zero.

No students have uploaded work for this assignment yet.  What can I do?

Many thanks for your help. Lauren Hickman

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Hi @lauren_r_hickma ,


I am so sorry this has happened in your course! That can definitely put a damper on anyone's day to see grades drop. One thing that may help here is trying to override the "0" grades. One option I have used in my courses is to apply a default grade to the assignment. In the Gradebook, if you rest/hover your mouse/cursor on the title of the assignment column,  a stack of 3(sometimes it looks like only 2 with longer Assignment names/titles) dots will appear on the right side of the column title box. By clicking on those, a dropdown menu will appear and have the option to set a default grade. What is neat is that you don't have to enter anything into the box, and then all you have to do there is click on the box to "Overwrite already entered grades" and then click on the "set default grade" button. This will replace the previously entered 0's with the "-" that is typically there.  


I hope this helps you with this assignment so the grades are listed correctly! If this doesn't do the trick, please let us know so we can continue looking at this with you!!

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