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Is it possible for the tools in SpeedGrader/Doc Viewer to auto populate frequently used comments (just like the "Add a Comment" block for an overall assignment)? Currently I copy and paste frequently used comments from Notepad to the different Doc Viewer tools (Point annotation, Highlight annotation, Area annotation, etc...). It would be much more efficient and helpful if frequently used comments could be saved for repeat use. Please contact me if you need further clarification on what I am proposing. Thank you.

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Good morning, @huntd1 ...

The ability to save/re-use annotated comments is not a current feature of the SpeedGrader...though I see how this could be quite useful. I did a search of the existing Feature Ideas here in the Community, and I think the closest one I found is:

DocViewer: Annotations library

Normally, I would tell you to add your comments and give the idea a star rating, but as of yesterday, the Feature Idea section has been that you cannot create new Feature Ideas, comment on existing Feature Ideas, or provide a star rating on Feature Ideas. This is only temporary while Instructure works on a new system for Feature Ideas (until February 2023). As I write this reply to you, there is a yellow banner at the top of the Feature Idea I've linked above where you can read more about the plans for the new Feature Idea process. And, just as a FYI, here are the Guides I usually provide to people...keeping in mind that New Members (of which you are one right now) cannot submit new Feature Ideas until you "rank up" in the Community:

I hope this information will be of some help to you...even though it might not be a direct answer to your question. Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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