Automating Canvas With Our SIS

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Hi, we have a custom built SIS developed by a computer programmer on staff.  Currently, I manually check the SIS for roster changes every day (multiple times a day during the first month of each school year) for roster changes.  I then export the data as a .csv.  The data is pretty much formatted according to Canvas' SIS import requirements.  I then manually import the data into Canvas using the admin SIS Import feature.

What if there was a way that we could automate the process?  What if there could be some type of deep linking integration between the two?  Then I would not have to spend the time or effort manually doing this.

Am I dreaming?  Or is there a way that we could get this process to be automated?  What script would be involved?  I am not sure if this is a question or discussion so I might post it in both areas. Thanks in advance.  

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@rpsimon your SIS developer should be able to do it using API. API, in short, is a common language for different software to communicate (or exchange data) with each other. Canvas LMS provides an API endpoint in which an external software (E.g. your SIS or even you) can Import the CSV directly to Canvas

If your SIS had an API in which you can pull data (E.g. the roster) directly without having to access the UI then you can write a script/or use workflow automation software (E.g. Zapier , n8n) to automate the process 

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