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Badgr reporting 500 Error getting data

We have used Badgr several times but we are now having a 500 Error getting data.  It says it is unable to connect to our server.  We are able to pull up the progress report for those that received badges before the error but any after this time are not showing.  Is there a way to fix this error.  I have selected on Report Error but have not heard anything back.


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Hello @tellison 

I understand that you are getting a 500 Error when trying to pull up the progress report. 

It sounds like there might be an issue with the Access token Badgr is using. 

It might be best to have you reach out to Badgr, if you have not already to see if they can tell you what is causing this. 

I was able to find THIS Badgr support article which seems closely related but not exactly. They list that you can Contact support@badgr.comto have your authorization token reset if that is the case.