Blueprint courses duplicate contents when syncing

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I have review all the documents on how to work with blueprint courses, im following all the instructions. But when syncing the associated course all the pages and activities are duplicated. I don´t know if im doing anythig wrong. 

I create a blueprint course, i create a copy from this course, i associate this copy to the blueprint course. I made some changes to the blueprint and when syncronize the associated course everything is duplicated in the associated course.

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Basically, Copy this Course adds content from the blueprint course being copied and the Blueprint Sync also adds content from the blueprint course.

To avoid duplicate content, create an empty course shell and associate the empty course shell with the blueprint course.  The Blueprint Sync copies the content into the empty course shell.  

This is from the Canvas Guide: After a course is associated with a blueprint course, the blueprint course will create an initial sync that included all course content and course settings. You can choose to associate courses after all course content is created, or you can associate courses immediately and sync the blueprint course later when the blueprint content is complete.

Link to the Guide:


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