Can I distribute assignments that are personalized to each student in a class?

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I have students respond to a survey at the beginning of the semester indicating things about themselves like favorite food, sports teams, etc. Then, during the semester, I use these responses to personalize the questions in my assignments using the survey responses. In other words, the assigned questions are the same, but they are written in a unique way that is personalized to each student.

Is there a way to post assignments in Canvas that are personalized to each student? For example, can I create a class assignment (e.g., Homework #2) that contains a prompt or attachment that is unique to each student in the class?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Community Coach

Hi, @meowth !

Coming within the month or so, Canvas I believe will be releasing an update which is currently available in Beta, where you can assign specific assignments, pages and files, and even entire modules, to specific students only.

While this isn't fully available yet, it will be soon. Do you think this would be a good solution for you when that time comes? I wouldn't mind hearing other people's ideas!

Here's a link covering the information I mentioned! 

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