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How do I automatically create groups in a group set?

How do I automatically create groups in a group set?

In a group set, you can automatically create groups for users to participate in. You can also manually create groups in a group set.

Open People

Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.

Add Group Set

Add Group Set

Click the Add Group Set button.

Create Group Set

Create Group Set

Name your new group by typing in the Group Set Name field [1].

To split students into a number of equal groups, click the Split students into [number] groups radio button [2]. Then type the number of groups in the dialog box [3].

To create groups with a certain number of students, click the Split students into groups with [number] students per group radio button [4]. Then type the number of students per group in the dialog box [5].

To require group members to be in the same section, click the Require group members to be in the same section checkbox [6].

Save Group Set

Save Group Set

Click the Save button.

Note: Groups will be automatically named based on the group set name.

View Groups

The number of groups you created display in the group set [1]. Each group shows the number of students added to each group [2].

You can manually reassign students to a different group if necessary.

Manage Group

To manage a group, click the group Options menu [1]. To edit the name of the group, click the Edit link [3]. To delete the group, click the Delete link [4].


I have 11 students and 8 lab stations. I want them to work in at least pairs, with 1  remaining group of 3.

People>Groups has a "randomly assign group members" and it spread the students across the 8 groups, which makes 5 groups of 1, and 3 groups of 2.

For 'n' students, 'm' minimum number of students/group, and 'z' groups, the number of groups we need to fill is:

z = n / m

The remaining students will be 'y', with y < m. Distribute the remaining y across the z groups. Every group will have a minimum of m and up to m-1 groups will have an extra person. I hope the math helps the implementation!


I could manually change the number of groups to 5 (4 pairs + 1 triple), but if someone has to remotely work due to covid-19, I want to have the framework to easily drop them into their own group. Additionally, the 8 groups for the entire semester presents consistency for the students and myself.


Hi @STEM_chad 

Canvas groups functionality doesn’t currently afford this. Soon, this space will be expanded to include the ability to create groups with a specific number of students. That might be close to what you are thinking, but maybe not exactly the same. We see you’ve already shared an idea conversation about it. Thanks!


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