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Hi BrainsTrust,

I know it's possible to migrate from Blackboard to Canvas, is it possible to do the reverse? 

Don't fret Canvas-folk, we're not leaving the platform but I'd rather have my teaching material exported into BB rather than have to set it up manually! Smiley Happy


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I'm sorry to report that no, I didn't. Ended up doing it the old fashioned way and reloading everything manually... 😕

That was a rough week - for everyone!

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Following up ….
I think I may have figured it out!!
Export the Canvas course.  It automatically formats to the IMSCC format.
Import in Blackboard in Import Package/View Logs.   Upload that IMSCC file.
It ran and loaded content.  It will take some time for me to go through it all to make sure all went through.

The tech folks were suggesting that I upload it in a different area in Bb.   The Import Package is the route that worked.

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