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Create 3 versions of a multi question test and randomly assign the test to students

This is the simplest thing in the world and should be possible--but I don't see an answer. I want to create 3 (or 4 or 5) versions of a complete test. Each version of the test will have, say 25 questions. I want to assign the 3 versions randomly to my students. 

I don't want each question independently randomized. I don't want 25 question banks with 3 versions of each question because some of the questions will be stimulus/question blocks with multiple questions tied to a stimulus. I just want the entire test delivered randomly. 

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@pdaves Canvas does not have a "randomly assign" option but there is a way to achieve what you are wanting (sort of). 

When you create any deliverable in Canvas (Assignment, Quiz, Discussion) you can choose who it is assigned to.  It defaults to "everyone" but you can put in individual names in there and then that deliverable is only assigned to that student(s).  You could randomly pick students or use a randomizer tool from the web to pick students and then assign your test to those students.  If the deliverable is not assigned to a particular student, they then have no knowledge or access to it so you would not need to worry about students seeing the other versions of the test.  The main drawback to this approach is that all the versions will show in your view of the gradebook so that will make your gradebook sort of long.  Students would be exempted from the ones they were not assigned and it will only show the one they were assigned in their view.

Hope this helps!