Differing user roles across subaccounts

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Main question: Do subaccount role permissions follow the course subaccount?

Our Teacher role disallows staff from direct-adding anyone to courses other than Observers. This is because we want our SIS to be the single source of truth for enrollments. Sometimes, we have to add other teachers into course shells (co-teaching situations) but those aren't too bad to manage.

For manually-created courses, we would like to be able to loosen those permissions so staff can create shared course shells with one another but I can't seem to find any documentation about how roles are actually applied. It seems like it would follow the course's subaccount, but can anyone confirm that this is correct before we try it out?

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Community Coach

What I would do is create a new role, based on the Teacher role, that has the additional permission to manually enroll certain types of users. Role names are unique across an instance, so by giving your new role a different name it will be easy to see if the user has the correct role. Custom roles can be unique to a sub-account.

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