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Download Submissions - Only non graded assignments

I know how to download all the submissions but is there a way to only download the assignments that have not been graded?


thank you

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Hello @pareed2oo2 

I was able to look through the Canvas guides on this question. I was able to confirm that there is not a way to only download submissions for assignments that have not been graded. However, one thing that you can do, is locate an assignment in the gradebook that you can see has not been graded and you can download the submissions directly from there. HERE is a guide that goes over that process. 

Hopefully this helps! 


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As @ColtonSwapp mentioned, there is no way to currently do what you want in Canvas. 

I see that you know how to download all submissions, and you don't want to have to download 1 submission at a time for the ungraded work.

Unfortunately, the only way to do what you want is to spend time on your part.  What I do (multiple ways to do this) - is make a file with the name of all the submissions (their download name) already graded.  I then use that list as a way to delete those entries from the newer download listing of the files.  Thereby leaving just the ungraded ones.  I do this with bash scripting on a Linux computer.  However, you could do the same thing with other programming languages - or just by selecting and deleting the files in the directory in which the zip file unzips into.  That method is not too bad until you get 50+ students in which case it becomes more tedious.


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I am with @pareed2oo2  on this one.

I download and print my students' midterm and final essay exams because it's much easier for me to grade the paper copies. This takes time, and it takes paper, but I like to be able to fold over the students' names, shuffle the papers, and grade them anonymously.

I often end up with a student who takes the exam later than his or her classmates (often a student with accommodations). I end up downloading all of the submissions again just to be able to print the missing one.

I don't want a "work around." I just want Canvas to make it possible to download a single submission!