Grades showing for a Graded Survey that isn't open

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I have a puzzling oddity that I can't figure out. I have a number of Graded Surveys (in Classic Quizzes). One of these surveys doesn't open to students until Feb 12, and yet somehow Canvas has assigned zeroes to 74 students (even Test Student has a zero). Eleven students have no grade. I can't find any obvious pattern in those excluded students. None of my other assignments are involved.

Any suggestion on what's wrong? 

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Hi @tengrrl,

While I don't have an immediate answer to this question, I do have a suggestion to perhaps help figure out what happened.  If you use the Gradebook History tool, it should give some useful information on when the 0s were entered and possibly by who.  Maybe there was an incorrrect due date set at some point that triggered a missing policy.  Maybe someone else you're not aware of has grading access for the course.  If you could review the grading history for the assignment and let us know what you see there, it could certainly help narrow down the possibilities.


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