Grading - Percentages Displayed for All Assignments (regardless of how it is displayed)

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I would like my assignments to display a percentage (although I have my assignments displayed as points). 


If I have my assignments displayed as percentages, I need to input a percentage, which will convert to points, but I will want to put points in and all I want there to be is a display (on SpeedGrader), on what the assignment received in percentages.



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Hi @DavidHan,

I came across this unanswered question while doing a community cleanup.  As far as I know, your view as the teacher will only be one way or another, based on how you want to enter the grades.  The student view oof their grades will actually vary based on what you setup in the assignment/discussion settings (the "view grade as" setting).  So if you grade in points, you'd see points, but your students may still see the percentages.  You could also change your view to percentages after completing the grading.  I'm not sure if this helps, but thought I'd share these thoughts.

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