Grading Two Subjects in One Canvas Page

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Is it possible to grade two subjects in one Canvas course?

I currently teach two subjects - math and science. I have only one Canvas page for all of my students. Is it possible for me to grade both math assignments and science assignments on this one Canvas page, but without the grades combining into one grade? I would need to know what they have received as a math grade and what they have received as a science grade, thus needing to separate their grades into sections. 

I really need this as it would make grading so much easier, haha! 

Thank you for your help (-:

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Hi @eliset1!

Thanks for your questions!

If the roster for your two subjects are separate you could technically separate the grade totals by only assigning the section that is relevant to the respective assignment. So if you have your science roster in one section and you have Science assignment A, then you would edit it and only assign it to the Science section. If the same roster is participating in both topics in the same course, there is not a good way to separate those out. You would really need to have two independent course shells.

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